Quality Assurance

Our Association’s framework for ongoing quality assurance

The impact on our service to individuals, as a person-centered Association is deeply impacted by continuing quality assurance. The role of continuing quality assurance is “paying attention” to the five levels of involvement: individuals, service response, programs, family friends and community and policy. The role of this department is to audit all posAbilities programs and services to ensure that:

  • vulnerable individuals we support learn that they can be empowered, contribute to their communities, experience a higher degree of personal control in their lives and generally participate in change and improving the quality of their lives.
  • isolation often experienced by persons with disabilities are lessened by opportunities for networking and developing friendships.
  • the uniqueness and creativity of individuals is respected and nurtured.
  • the personal values and vision of posAbilities‘ leadership remain person-centred and
  • support and training of staff at all levels in the Association remains a constant process.

The role of Continuing Quality Assurance (CQA) is “paying attention” to five levels of involvement: individuals, service response, programs, family friends, community and policy. The assumption of quality is not sufficient. Quality which is continuous and incremental is the result of asking questions, responding to change and when and how to build quality into change, policy and the culture of an agency.

The Continuing Quality Improvement (CQI) Officer/Designate works in conjunction with programs, Human Resources, and Administration, to assure consistent quality of service and continuing improvement in all areas.

posAbilities’ relationship with CARF and our standing as an accredited service provider obliges us to maintain and continue to enhance service as measured by over 900 standards by which we are evaluated at least every three years.

The CQI Officer/Designate apprises CARF regularly of our operational and administrative conformance to those standards and further develops and implements plans for improvement.

Key elements of CQA responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Accreditation and our relationship with CARF
  • Developing and refining Outcomes Management and Quality Assurance systems
  • Developing, implementing and analyzing staff training programs
  • Facilitating the Complaints Resolution Process

Should you have any questions regarding posAbilities‘ relationship with CARF, or our commitment to Continuing Quality Assurance, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Continuing Quality Improvement Officer/Designate – posAbilities
(604) 299-4001 ext. 243 or email complaintsresolutionofficer@posAbilities.ca

Read the CARF Accreditation Report for posAbilities here!