Wide Angle Media Festival features films by people who have a disability

Arts and culture help people understand themselves By Deb Bartlett Being involved with the Wide Angle Media (WAM) Festival is the latest development in posAbilities’ focus on using arts and culture as a way to incorporate developmental disability into mainstream media. [click the title to read the full story ...]

Large, ‘inspired’ crowd attends Inclusion art show

Seventh annual event demonstrates ‘boundless possibilities’ of people who have a disability, says attendee By Camille Jensen VANCOUVER – In the six years Global television broadcaster Arran Henn has participated in posAbilities’ Inclusion art show, this is the first year she’s seen a line up for its opening. [click the title to read the full story ...]

posAbilities promotes inclusion through annual art show

Organization wants to be inclusive By Deb Bartlett In an effort to put into practice its vision, mission and values, posAbilities’ seventh annual art show for B.C. artists with developmental disabilities will be trying something new to foster community inclusion this year. [click the title to read the full story ...]

PosAbilities artists give back to the community

Local TV show spotlights artist, program Michelle Strutzenberger By participating in a local art tour event recently, people involved in the posAbilities art program had an exciting opportunity to give back to the community, says posAbilities staff member Simone. [click the title to read the full story ...]

Stage Door program participant commending actors’ strengths

Video specialist impressed by troupe’s intellectual rigour and talent Deron Hamel A former Simon Fraser University (SFU) student who participated in a Stage Door Theatre Troupe project says his favourite aspect of working with the troupe’s actors was seeing their personal strengths flourish. [click the title to read the full story ...]