Behavioural consultant’s expertise and knowledge help family find the right school

Vishash Kumar competes in the BC Special Olympics after doctors doubted he’d ever walk or talk By Ryan Rogers When Namarta Kumar first moved to British Columbia in 2007 she enrolled her son, Vishash, in an English as a Second language (ESL) class, but quickly learned that he was not receiving the special education that he required. [click the title to read the full story ...]

‘We really love each other and cherish what we have’

Man becomes part of the clan through host family program By Natalie Hamilton While apart for 32 years, when Gerald Cummings touched his arm, it became clear to Dave Hussey his friend was excited to see him. [click the title to read the full story ...]

Stellar self-advocates committee brings experience, determination, connections to task

Group seeks to educate, mentor with vision of strengthening community By Michelle Strutzenberger They have years of experience, a dogged determination and plethora of connections, and those strengths are already serving them well as they focus on a recently reshaped mandate. [click the title to read the full story ...]

Self-advocates strive to empower and educate

Relationships develop that provide support and friendship By Lisa Bailey Long involved in the community living movement, self-advocates Dave and Lorie strive to help people who have disabilities realize their full potential. [click the title to read the full story ...]

Director seeks to make impact by training lab puppy

Three month old Bella featured in Modern Dog Magazine, Global TV By Camille Jensen PosAbilities director of administration Gina Rowan takes her five-month-old yellow lab Bella with her everywhere, to the movies, dentist appointments — even out for dinner. [click the title to read the full story ...]