The Summer Interns of posAbilities

As Summer comes to an end, so does our summer internship. Our time at posAbilities has been more rewarding and fulfilling than we ever could have imagined. Together we laughed, cried of laughter and laughed some more. We got ourselves into tons of shenanigans like wearing matching outfits on Mondays, wearing press on tattoos on Tuesdays and eating way too much cake on cake days. Most of all we had the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. At posAbilities...

“Buy Art. Sip Soul.” (An Alternatives Studio Project)

Contributed by Amanda Kim and Cindy Mateush Alternatives has entered into an exciting project with Pottery Works at Community Living Society (CLS) and Liz Etmanski, an independent artist from Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) creating the first edition of the Sip Soul mug series. The project brings together artists of all capabilities to create works of art that inspire community and dismantle barriers. Each canvas tells a story. Each creation challenges stereotypes. And each mug we sell is a...

Redefining “Good Business”

On the evening of Wednesday, July 16th, around 25 individuals gathered at the Down Syndrome Research Foundation (DSRF) to hear about why hiring people with diverse abilities makes good dollars and good sense.  There were two presentations at the event, one from Kalena and Foye from our posAbilities Employment Service team, and the other by Ajay, a representative of Rotary at Work, an employer to employer education initiative about the value of taking a fresh look at disability. The posAbilities...

Collaboration brings mixed-income families together

Collaboration brings mixed-income families together Clothes Encounters event creates connections, helps those in need Deron Hamel Through a collaborative effort called Clothes Encounters, posAbilities’ Aegis West Day Program and the New Westminster Salvation Army recently created community connections that brought together families of mixed incomes and ensured anyone needing extra clothes this winter would have them.

The most powerful way to start shaping the future

Discovering community living’s gifts and possibilities By Michelle Strutzenberger From co-housing to social enterprise, new ways to enrich the lives of people who have an intellectual disability are being actively explored through posAbilities and a number of other community living agencies across Canada. [click the title to read the full story ...]