How To Donate

Donating to clothes drop is easy! We have a number of bins located around Metro Vancouver where you can donate. We also offer free home pickups if you can’t make it to a bin.

Click here for a full list of items we accept.

Every time you recycle your textiles, you are contributing to a great cause that is:


SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE: Create employment opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities in your community.

ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE: Ensure that the textile waste is recycled properly.

ECONOMICALLY SOUND: Funds raised from donations directly help people in your community.

Request A Pickup

Call or text to 778-258-4377 and request a free home pickup, or fill out the form below to schedule a pickup.

If you cannot make it to a bin or have lots to donate (two or more bags), you can request a free home pickup by giving us a call or filling out the form below.

  • Please include address, when you would like pickup, etc. and we will be in contact to confirm the details.