The INCLUSION Art Show took place last week, and what a week it was! The day kicked off with an exciting morning filled with art enthusiasts browsing and admiring the work of talented artists. The energy in the room was electric as paintings were being purchased left and right. This year, there were more artists in attendance than in previous years, making for an even more impressive showcase of creativity and diversity. With over 900 guests in attendance, the event exceeded all expectations!
But the real highlight of the day was the series of art demos that took place in the afternoon. First up was Dana, a talented photographer, who shared her tips and tricks on how to take stunning photos. Dana’s session was not only educational but also interactive, as she snapped pictures of fellow artists and attendees, capturing the beauty of the day.
Next up was Mollie, who gave an awe-inspiring demonstration of her drawing process. Drawing live in front of an audience is never easy, but Mollie made it look effortless and the audience was amazed by her skill and talent.
Then it was time for Jessica, who demonstrated her skill with acrylic paints. With a sketch of a beautiful parrot as her guide, she brought the image to life. And finally, there was Marc’s live demonstration, which was nothing short of impressive as he expertly molded a stunning motorcycle from a shapeless lump of clay.
As evening approached, Monique Nelson from posAbilities (left), Nicole Allen from the Open Door Group (right) took to the stage to deliver some heartfelt speeches about the reason INCLUSION matters to them, our community and to society at large. They expressed their gratitude to the artists, and everyone who had come out to support the show.
Shown below is Natasha, an artist with Aspire Richmond who was extremely proud to have her artwork selected and purchased as the winner of posAbilities’ annual Holiday Art Card Design contest, as presented by Monique.
Then within what seemed like the blink of an eye, the event wrapped up just as it started. Friends and families coming out to support their loved ones, curious passers-by delighting in their discovery of our show, and laughter, joy, and a sense of inclusion and unity ringing through Heritage Hall. And, the sales kept going strong until the very last minute!
But the true heart of any event lies in the experiences of the guests. We were touched by the feedback from our attendees:

“Wonderful artwork! Love seeing all the wonderful artists and helpers, will be back next year again! Also, shout to the band, servers and Heritage Hall!”

“Very impressed with the quality and imagination of the artwork. Show was very organized, easy to get through for me with a walker. Vendors very personable. I’ll be back. Love my bracelet by Justin, a very unique piece!”

This incredible event wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and support of numerous individuals and organizations. We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made this event possible:

  • Our talented artists: Your creativity and passion brought life to the show.
  • Our enthusiastic guests: Your presence and support were the heart of the event.
  • Our dedicated volunteers: Your hard work and commitment made everything run smoothly.
  • The INCLUSION Art Show planning committee: Your tireless efforts and creativity were the backbone of the event.

We’d also like to express our deep appreciation to our sponsors:

A special thanks to our door prize, food and beverage sponsors: Juanita and Mathias Petersen · Richmond Food Bank · Starbucks · The Keg Steakhouse + Bar · Stuart Carmichael · Everything Wine (North Vancouver) and Dageraad Brewing (Burnaby).

This year’s event was an absolute success, leaving attendees and artists with a sense of accomplishment and happiness. For those who were unable to make it, there’s great news, we will be hosting an online show from December 1-10! Mark your calendars, and join us in celebrating the beautiful world of art and inclusion. To learn more visit:

To learn more about the Project Everybody Festival of events, please visit