Gather April 5 for award reception, film screening
Natalie Hamilton

Around the Spectrum Society for Community Living, Aaron Johannes is affectionately known as “Dad.”

It’s fitting for the man who helps make the organization feel like home for relief receptionist and self-advocate Lorie Sherritt.

Lorie is pleased to see Aaron and his Spectrum Society colleagues, Ernie Baatz and Susan Stanfield, being recognized for their contribution to community living.

PosAbilities is hosting the 4th Annual Big Picture Awards Gala April 5 to celebrate the community living “heroes.”

“I’m really glad (Aaron) is getting this award,” Lorie says.

“He really deserves it.”

Lorie considers herself fortunate to know Aaron.

“Aaron’s a type of person who will help anybody and everybody,” Lorie says. “He’s always there. When Aaron walks into work he’s always got a smile and he gets everybody else to do the same thing.”

In addition to being a good friend to her, Lorie says Aaron has a big network and has contributed to People First in British Columbia and other important aspects of the community living movement.

“He does a lot for the community.”

She says Aaron’s a “great facilitator” and artist as well.

PosAbilities invites people to gather together for the tribute to Ernie, Aaron and Susan. The evening also features recent work by the Stage Door players, live comedy and poetry.

PosAbilities is also co-presenting, with the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion and Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture, B.C.’s premiere screening of The Story of Luke.  The Story of Luke is a comedy about a young man and his quest to find a job and a girlfriend. The film stars Lou Taylor Pucci, Seth Green, Cary Elwes and Kristin Bauer.

The event runs from 7-10 p.m. at The Rio Theatre located at 1660 East Broadway in Vancouver.

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