President’s Message

presidentIt is our hope that you are able to find the information you need and learn more about the activities of our Association.  Our mission remains focused, and we continue to develop responsive programs and inclusive activities for our consumers.  As Community Living evolves, we see our key role in offering advocacy, training, life skills habituation and psycho social supports for those we support.  Our services address the needs of the “whole person”.  The need for socialization, practical living skills, guidance, mentoring, and those things each of us expect in life.  These are respect, a life which is full of friends and activity, and where we ourselves identify our goals and lifestyle.  It is truly our expectation that each person, no matter what his or her challenge may be, can reach a level of independence and autonomy that assures an excellent quality of life. posAbilities‘ goal is to assure achievement of inclusion in neighbourhoods, communities and society at large.  It is our intention to provide the means, the support and the will to give each person we support a vision of their competence, their strength and their value in the world.

Celso A. A. Boscariol, President