Our History

posAbilities is the product of four community living societies merging in 1998 under the new name of Mainstream Association for Proactive Community Living. The fifth organization, an autism treatment centre called Laurel House, joined the Association in 2002. The merger was prompted by the agencies being small and scattered across a large geographic area. Although the range of programs they offered was impressive, the effectiveness of some programs operating as stand-alone services without tie-ins to other essential programs were not what they could be. The reach and impact of these smaller agencies as part of a larger more effective whole would be greater, and given the shared philosophy and values of the group, a merger was the next logical step.

In 2010, the Association chose a new name, posAbilities, a contraction of the word positive and abilities. This name reflects our focus on diversity and the abilities of all persons served. The change marked a departure from the prevailing view of prior years, which included normalizing or mainstreaming people to fit into existing social structures. Our current view is that diversity is welcome in our communities, and excludes no one.