Over the past couple of months, Alternative Creations Studio has been busy exploring opportunities for collaboration.  Here’s what took place!

Contributed by Justine Chubb

East FEAST Vancouver
EastFeast Resized
On June 1st, members of the community gathered at Britannia Community Centre for East FEAST Vancouver – a micro-funding event that supports local artists.  We were treated to an afternoon of musical entertainment, delicious appies and desserts, and a series of art project proposals.   Along with the two other finalists, Alternative Creations Studio pitched their proposal “Art Outside of Ourselves” and we are pleased to announce that it was selected as the winner by popular vote!

This exciting new initiative will provide opportunities for artists with diverse abilities from Vancouver and Valence d’Agen and Auvillar in the South-west of France to take an imaginative journey.  This exchange of art will be used as a tool to communicate and discover the shared artistic passion between the different communities and cultures.  Local artist Cheryl Fortier (also the mom of Alternatives staff member, Shannon) will lead workshops where participants will create “mail art” which will be exchanged between artists from both countries.

Thanks to the Britannia Community Arts Council, the $1,000 funding  will go towards running the project. Our ultimate hope is that this first collaboration will lead to more projects, long-term partnerships and grow to more global cities.   Thank you to everyone who came out and showed their support!  We look forward to presenting at next year’s East FEAST event to share the work that comes out of this project.


Contributed by Jordana Fridman

Give A Day Createathon

AlternativesLogoNEWNot only do they have an eye for colour, a talent for design, and the energy of hummingbirds, but they also have hearts of gold.  Welcome the designers at Flipside Creative Inc. Every year on July 19th, the team of designers works for 24 hours non-stop (unless they sip coffee or eat a donut here and there) to help non-profits and charities with their branding – free of cost.  This one day event called Give a Day Createathon, saw Flipside re-brand Alternatives’ brochures, logo, and studio statement.

In addition to helping Alternatives – in the short amount of time and sleep – Flipside and their team of Createathon partners (12 marketing designers in total), custom built two websites, designed an ad campaign, created a communications plan, wrote a social media proposal, to name a few of their tasks.  How is that for working a full day and night on no sleep?  We could not be more grateful for their work.  Thanks Flipside, you’re doing great things for the world.  For more info, check out their funky website.