Stage Door Theatre actors on the set of their play "Pirates and Lovers"

Stage Door Theatre actors on the set of their play “Pirates and Lovers”

The latest play from Stage Door Theatre’s talented troupe is the talk of the town! Pirates and Lovers kicked off on April 24th and ended with a blast (one that most likely resembled the sound of a ship’s cannon, arr!) on May 3rd. While the production was in motion, all hands were required on deck when the show sold out and had eager sailors spilling out of the theatre’s doors and seats waiting to watch the play.

Luckily, audience members were still able to SEA a fantastic performance and absolutely loved the portrayal of a pirate’s life they saw on stage. In fact, they had plenty of comments to share about the play for those who missed it!

When Jodie saw the play she said, “It was cute and upbeat.” Her favourite parts were the pirate dancing scenes as well as seeing all of the amazing costumes on stage, “they were perfect!” Jodie said.

Like Jodie, Rachel also enjoyed the play saying, “Pirates and Lovers put a smile on my face. While the story was funny and lively, the actors played their parts with style and enthusiasm. I laughed, clapped, and cheered with the crowd. This was a feel-good evening to remember! 

Monique Nelson and Greg Grant pose for a photo

And our very own Monique Nelson, who saw the play on its final and busiest night, let us know that she was “thrilled to see the final performance” and thought “the actors were outstanding in the production.” Something Monique deeply appreciated and noticed was how the crew worked closely with the cast to customize and craft each role to the actor’s strengths and interests. While raving about the show, Monique said, “all 16 actors were absolutely on fire, delivering their lines with confidence and sheer joy. I hope that the troupe creates another romantic adventure next year!”

Don House Introduces “Pirates and Lovers” to an eager audience

Don House, Stage Door’s director extraordinaire and some of Stage Door’s talented actors also had a few words to share with us about this year’s play:

“We would say the Stage Door production of Pirates and Lovers turned out to be a roaring success. As with any production, there are challenges that need to be overcome on any given day, but our actors pushed through to make it an amazing show. The audience feedback was very positive, some saying it was the funniest show we have done yet. The vibrant costumes were a standout, and the use of props and physical comedy were a delight.

Each year I try to push our actors a little more to see what their potential is. And this year we saw some amazing growth. It’s great to see an actor go from shy and barely speaking a few years ago to seeing them have a significant role and a voice this year. It’s something our returning audiences notice, and one of the many little successes we get to enjoy as part of the production team.”

Just like Don, all of the actors were thrilled with the way the play turned out. They really enjoyed dressing like pirates and making people laugh by saying lines they found humorous like “‘Get in the tree!’”

Elliott Hedley (middle) poses with family after the show

After taking all of the above into consideration one fact remains and it’s that pirates are always trying to find their hidden treasure. This is exactly what our Stage Door Pirates were doing during the show.

Little did the cast and crew know, the real hidden treasure was the fantastic show and performance happening on stage! This time, it seems that audience members beat the pirates to the punch by finding themselves in a room full of treasure and talent first! We are so excited to see what Stage Door has in store for its audience members next year and are happy to see everyone at the troupe celebrate their well-earned success.