Contributed by: Monique Nelson, Director of Community Engagement

This province is blessed with a strong culture of family led innovation and advocacy that has significantly improved the lives of people with disabilities. For the month of April, we are shining a spotlight on just a few of the amazing families that are making a difference in the world of autism.

Take for example Tallie and her partner, who have created Autism 30, a web-based channel designed to promote podcasts about issues and services of interest to families on the autism journey.

Tallie invited me to participate in a podcast about posAbilities, so that we could share information about the variety of services we provide. However we couldn’t stop there – we also talked about family support, community resources and human rights. I invite you to grab a cup of your favourite beverage, sit down and listen for a while, to share this post with friends who may be interested – or to listen while you’re going about your daily activities. Find out a little more about how we do the work that we love to do.

To listen, please visit:

Stay tuned for the rest of our posts throughout April in celebration of Autism Awareness month.  If you have any questions about the services we provide, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 604-299-4001 or emailing