While our April blog series features inspiring stories that celebrate the diverse abilities of those living with autism, it also touches on the challenges that people on the spectrum and their families face. As children with autism grow up, managing their transition to adulthood becomes a pressing issue for all involved. Concerns over employment, continuing education, housing, quality of care, financial security and independence all bubble up for youth, families and caregivers. The question I have is, “how are we preparing for the wave that is to come?”

With the number of children on the autism spectrum continuing to rise (the latest estimates are 1 in 68)—it’s clear that more flexible living, working and support options are going to be needed for those on the spectrum.

This week, we honour the memory of Angie and Robert Robinson, a family that couldn’t make it through this transition; one that couldn’t find the needed supports or the hope that things would get better in the future. Love and compassion isn’t always enough, and it truly is time to ‘keep moving, don’t stop.’*


Listen to this interview on CBC, then please comment, share and contact others to work ideas to help strengthen families and communities.

We can’t let another year of inaction pass us by.

*Theme of the 60th Anniversary Inclusion BC Annual Conference: www.inclusionbc.org/conference-2015