Vishash Kumar competes in the BC Special Olympics after doctors doubted he’d ever walk or talk
Ryan Rogers

When Namarta Kumar first moved to British Columbia in 2007 she enrolled her son, Vishash, in an English as a Second language (ESL) class, but quickly learned that he was not receiving the special education that he required.

With the support and encouragement from posAbilities behavioural consultant Raminder Kaur since 2008, Namarta found a new school in Surrey where her son is preparing for college.

“She’s done a fantastic job,” says Namarta, adding that Raminder lends inspiring and motivational encouragement for the behavioural therapies that have provided results for Vishash.

When Vishash, now 18, was just a year old, doctors were unsure whether he would ever walk or talk. Even when he was four or five, doctors still had their doubts due to his battle with epilepsy.

Today he swims, plays basketball, and even plays floor hockey in the BC Special Olympics.

Raminder was influential in helping the Kumars find the right school for Vishash, and recommended several to choose from.

Namarta says the most important part of selecting the right school was listening to Vishash.

“All parents should listen to (their children) carefully to try to execute what they’re saying,” she says.

She says finding the right school was very important to her, and she was happy to have Raminder’s support to make the right choice.

Namarta says Raminder also provides background knowledge and leading-edge strategies in raising Vishash, helping him grow and learn.

Namarta’s faith in Raminder’s experience and knowledge means she trusts Raminder’s advice and takes all of her suggestions.

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