Contributed by Amanda Kim and Cindy Mateush

MugsCollageAlternatives has entered into an exciting project with Pottery Works at Community Living Society (CLS) and Liz Etmanski, an independent artist from Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) creating the first edition of the Sip Soul mug series. The project brings together artists of all capabilities to create works of art that inspire community and dismantle barriers. Each canvas tells a story. Each creation challenges stereotypes. And each mug we sell is a sliver of possibility. In total, four images have been printed on ethically-sourced coffee mugs.

About Sip Soul
You might not see it at first, but look closer. There’s something about this mug that’s unique – you may find a design that’s bold, or maybe it’s subtle. Perhaps even a little odd, too. No matter you’re your first instinct is, one thing is for certain: there is beauty in this mug, in everyone, and in all things. Look again. It is always there. Do you see it?

Each mug is beautiful. Striking, even and has one purpose: to broaden our sense of community and to unravel the myths that keep us apart. It’s a lofty goal, but these mugs have audacity – as do the people who created them. Every sip is a decision to affirm the beauty in others and in yourself.


Have no doubt: this mug is about making change. Look up and notice the world around you. See? It’s incredible. Take a sip and support our community.

The Sip Soul mugs will be sold around the city at a variety of venues. Alternatives credits the team at Flipside Creative for its marketing assistance for the Sip Soul project and the studio’s brand development. The next time you are at Head office or at our Alternatives studio, come check out the mugs and purchase yours before they are sold out. Each mug retails for $18.