Latest drama another exercise in sharing gifts, ideas, inspiration

Zulius and the Fire Snake stirs Egyptian passion By Michelle Strutzenberger While co-creation, collaboration and responsiveness are being touted as the future of good work, a drama team from posAbilities appears to have mastered much of this already, as their latest production also revealed. With senior support worker Don House at the helm, the production sought to make the most of everyone’s gifts, interests and skills. [click the title to read the full story ...]

WAM Film Festival an inspiring event, says attendee

Kickstart interested in engaging posAbilities in production of a film for next festival By Camille Jensen Colin Darge attended the Wide Angle Media (WAM) film festival because he was interested in seeing films made by people who have a disability, but he admits he didn’t know what to expect. [click the title to read the full story ...]

Festival is latest collaboration to empower and enlighten through the arts

Tools, skills and opportunities incubate at first-ever event By Lisa Bailey posCollaborating with Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture on the upcoming Wide Angle Media (WAM) Festival — the first festival in B.C. to feature films by people who have a disability — is building on a relationship with posAbilities to empower through expression and foster greater understanding through the arts. [click the title to read the full story ...]

Film is a way to reach many people, inspirational humourist says

David Roche’s Wide Angle Media Festival short has underlying message about inner beauty By Lisa Bailey posInspirational humourist David Roche loves to be on stage engaging others but knows he – and other individuals who have a disability – can reach more people through the artistic medium of film. [click the title to read the full story ...]

Opening doors for actors who have a disability

The more disability is seen, the more it will be accepted, says program director By Deb Bartlett A posWhen the Wide Angle Media (WAM) festival wraps up, the hope is that the event was well attended and opportunities for people with developmental disabilities have increased. [click the title to read the full story ...]