Envisioning an Accessible Future: Community Inclusion Month and Beyond

For the 21st year, BC communities came together to recognize the contributions of people with disabilities and celebrate inclusion. When communities embrace those accessibility and inclusion, we create opportunities for people with disabilities to advocate for themselves, tell their own stories, and participate fully. Let’s take a look back at few of the events and campaigns from Community Inclusion Month. Explore how we celebrated, what opportunities we seized, and how we can stay involved after the month is over.

Celebrating 15 Years of Creativity and Community at the INCLUSION Art Show & Sale

Our 15th Annual INCLUSION Art Show & Sale was a joyous, art-filled day. After many months of hard work, everything came together in a show that celebrated creativity, community, and diverse abilities. From art demos, to live entertainment, to the hundreds of artworks in various mediums, there was so much to see. Here's look back at some highlights from this year's event.

15 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss This Year’s 15th Annual INCLUSION Art Show & Sale

Mark your calendars—our 15th Annual INCLUSION Art Show & Sale is coming up on October 10th. The show takes place at Heritage Hall and will feature more than 150 artists with diverse abilities. This one-of-a-kind exhibition is one you won’t want to miss, and we’ve got fifteen reasons why.

Feeling the PRIDE and Celebrating Our True Colours

Inclusion involves bringing together diverse forces and seeing strength in our differences. This message is at the heart of what we do here at posAbilities. Similarly, this is a message that exudes out of the powerful LGBTQ+ Pride movement. This week (July 29 – August 5) we celebrate Pride and all that it stands for. We also want to take this opportunity to keep accessibility in mind through all the festivities and further the mission of inclusion for all.

LOLing with posHAbilities Laughter Yoga

The pursuit of a life full of good health and wellness is something that individuals around the world strive for. Whether it’s meditation, acupuncture, Keto diets, or new workout routines – you may think you’ve tried it all. But one health craze that’s been sweeping the globe is a little bit funnier than the rest. Originating in India, Laughter Yoga is a practice developed by medical Dr. Madan Kataria, combining breathing exercises with voluntary laughter.