PosAbilities staff inspired by Peter Block workshop

Renowned author and facilitator outlines framework for building community By Camille Jensen VANCOUVER — In front of the approximately 250 people attending Peter Block’s Everyone Belongs workshop, Lori Underwood stood up to issue a challenge: let’s use these powerful ideas and build community. [click the title to read the full story ...]

Self-advocate works to ensure former residents can attend Woodlands demolition

Many issues to move forward on By Lisa Bailey A self-advocate who works to empower and educate to build a fully inclusive community for people with disabilities, Lorie Sherritt acted to ensure former Woodlands residents and their supporters could be involved in the demolition of the site’s Centre Block tower. [click the title to read the full story ...]

PosAbilities artists give back to the community

Local TV show spotlights artist, program Michelle Strutzenberger By participating in a local art tour event recently, people involved in the posAbilities art program had an exciting opportunity to give back to the community, says posAbilities staff member Simone. [click the title to read the full story ...]

Stage Door program participant commending actors’ strengths

Video specialist impressed by troupe’s intellectual rigour and talent Deron Hamel A former Simon Fraser University (SFU) student who participated in a Stage Door Theatre Troupe project says his favourite aspect of working with the troupe’s actors was seeing their personal strengths flourish. [click the title to read the full story ...]

Budding photographer pursuing her passion

Pair enjoys collaboration on Maple Ridge newsletter Natalie Hamilton Constantly capturing candids with her digital camera, 23-year-old Amanda would like to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps and become a professional photographer. [click the title to read the full story ...]