Film is a way to reach many people, inspirational humourist says

David Roche’s Wide Angle Media Festival short has underlying message about inner beauty By Lisa Bailey posInspirational humourist David Roche loves to be on stage engaging others but knows he – and other individuals who have a disability – can reach more people through the artistic medium of film. [click the title to read the full story ...]

Cultural diversity of staff celebrated throughout organization

Events have promoted ‘cultural connectedness’ By Deb Bartlett Celebrating and sharing the cultures that make up Canada is the purpose of posAbilities’ multicultural committee. [click the title to read the full story ...]

PosAbilities picnic reflects vision of inclusive community

Celebration of culture unites staff, people supported and their families By Lisa Bailey As a celebration of cultural diversity, posAbilities annual picnic embodies one of the organization’s core values and its vision of an inclusive community. [click the title to read the full story ...]

Gardening project capturing spirit of diversity

Initiative bringing out the beauty of the community, says co-ordinator Deron Hamel A gardening project that’s bringing together people accessing services from posAbilities and people accessing services from MOSAIC, an organization dedicated to helping immigrants and refugees settle into Canadian society, is capturing the spirit of diversity, says Cinthia, a project co-ordinator involved with this initiative. [click the title to read the full story ...]