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Meet the Studios of the 2021 INCLUSION Art Show

Learn about how these studios offer inclusive and safe spaces for individuals with disabilities to express themselves creatively.

People of posAbilities: Meet Lisa Peng

At posAbilities, the individuals on our team help make the great work we do possible. Meet Community Support Worker, Lisa Peng!

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

September 30th, which has long been recognized as Orange Shirt Day, this year marks the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The national holiday is a time to...

People of posAbilities: Meet the people who make great work possible

The People of posAbilities recruitment and retention campaign is back! Developed in 2015, People of posAbilities borrows inspiration from Humans of New York and Six Word Stories, two popular blogs that tell...

Disability Entrepreneurship: Margaux Wosk & Retrophiliac Art

In honor of Disability Employment Month, artist Margaux Wosk shares their experience with us as an autistic small business owner.

ArtRise: Engaging Community and Creating Connections

Our art initiatives have a new home online at ArtRise.ca! It's a multi-media showcase of our creative projects and the people behind them. It was designed by Aaniya Asrani,...

COVID-19 Service Update for All Individuals and Families Served

We are still operating within the public health guidelines of Step 3 of BC’s Restart Plan and would like to share some news with you.

“Never Give Up”: commitment to inclusivity helps new hire find dream job

September is Disability Employment Month here in BC! It’s a time to recognize inclusive employers and the important contribution people with disabilities make in the workplace. This month, we...

14 Accessible Hikes in BC

As BC reopens, we encourage you to enjoy the great outdoors! There are many accessible hiking trails across the province to explore.

COVID-19 Service Update for All Individuals and Families Served 

As of July 1, the Province moved to Step 3 of its four-step restart plan, with nearly 80 percent of adults and children over 12 years old having received their...

Special Olympics Athlete Reporter Miranda Orth Reflects on Provincial Challenge Games

Special Olympics athlete and reporter Miranda Orth shares her experience from the recent Provincial Challenge Games in May and June and how SOBC has gotten creative during the pandemic.

Canada Day 2021 – Activities for Learning and Reflecting

This year, Canada Day looks a bit different, and we acknowledge that folks will be marking the day in a variety of ways.  If you’re looking for a mix...

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