Art has the extraordinary power to transcend boundaries, inspire, and convey stories that words alone cannot express. At the INCLUSION Art Show, we celebrate diversity and creativity by showcasing the remarkable talents of artists who have embraced their unique perspectives and abilities. Let’s dive into the inspiring stories and works of some of the exceptional artists who will be featured at this year’s show.
Kelly Craik:

Kelly is a visual artist whose journey of self-discovery led her to painting, crafting, and writing. She found a profound love for creating keychains adorned with words of positivity and fun, each designed to connect with a person’s emotions, feelings, or day. Kelly’s keychains have spread positivity among her community, inspiring young teenagers and even leading to paid work opportunities. She is also known for her paper mâché works that beautifully reflect her values of caring and sharing.

Shadow Echo:

Meet Shadow Echo, an 18-year-old artist whose passion for art knows no bounds. Shadow, who has Down Syndrome and is Autistic, explores a variety of artistic mediums, including abstract painting, drawing, digital art, pottery, and sculpture using found materials. With a preference for bold and bright colors, Shadow’s art captures the essence of their vibrant personality. Beyond art, Shadow enjoys music, dancing, watching horror movies, and participating in Special Olympics hockey.

Rebecca Nosella:

Rebecca’s soothing and peaceful personality shines through in her remarkable artwork. Despite facing the challenges of Aicardi’s Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy, Rebecca is unstoppable in expressing herself artistically. Her inability to speak and limited vision don’t hinder her from creating art that captivates and sells at art shows. Supported by her family and friends, Rebecca employs a unique abstract style, often using everyday objects like pot scrubbers and squeegees, along with tempura paint, to create textured and captivating art pieces.

Alex Lecce:

Alex is a self-taught artist residing in Port Coquitlam. Alex works as a baker’s assistant, where they get to express their artistic skills through decorating cookies and more. Their artistic talents extend to clay modeling, acrylic painting on canvas, wooden sculptures, pencil sketching, and drawing.

Mollie Chau:

Originally from Hong Kong and now residing in New Westminster, Mollie Chau’s artistic journey began as a means of managing her mental health. Using color pencils, Mollie creates soothing and joyful illustrations inspired by the sun, moon, clouds, flowers, dolls, fish, and houses. Her art reflects a deep sense of contentment and offers a glimpse into her inner world.

Bart Vulliamy:

Bart strives to capture and communicate the invisible complexity of life and its struggles through his art. With a focus on photography and a distinct interest in existentialism, he creates powerful and often emotionally challenging work that seeks to explore and celebrate the beauty in life. Based in East Vancouver, Bart uses his art to transcend the limits of representation and convention, while exposing stories of Autistic culture in a unique yet intimate way. His works reflect his own journey, and a recognition of how the beauty of everyday life can often be overlooked in the simplest of things. His powerful voice breaks through the noise, enabling us to see the seemingly immaterial aspects of life and humanity, making them tangible and visible. As an Autistic and disabled person, it is important for Bart to support and advocate for representation.  He has previously been in exhibitions by Outsiders & Others, Project EveryBody, The Inclusion Art Show, and featured in Melange Magazine and on CiTR Radio to discuss art and autism.

Morgan McConkey:

Morgan is a 30-year-old artist from Vancouver who has always had a passion for art. Morgan’s preferred mediums include pastels, acrylics, pens, felt pens, and recently, oil paints on canvas. Art is a vibrant expression of Morgan’s creativity, featuring animals, flowers, and unique designs. This artist’s work has been showcased at various shows, including Webelong, Project Everybody, and the INCLUSION Art Show. Beyond art, Morgan enjoys singing, swimming, and horseback riding.

Gary Wong:

An active member of the Richmond community and an avid athlete, Gary Wong participates regularly in Special Olympics, Sun Run, and various other sporting and community events. In addition to his athletic pursuits, Gary explores the visual arts, demonstrating his multifaceted talents and creativity.

And that’s not all! This year, we’re thrilled to announce that we have more independent artists than ever before. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness the incredible artwork of these artists at the INCLUSION Art Show. Come be a part of this lively celebration of both art and inclusivity!

Event Details:

In-person Show: Thursday, October 12, 2023

Time: 10:30 am – 7:30 pm

Location: Heritage Hall – 3102 Main Street, Vancouver

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