We’re thrilled to welcome back familiar faces and introduce new artists to our INCLUSION Online Art Show! From independent creatives, to art studios and crafters within our circles, each participant adds a unique thread to our rich tapestry of creativity. 

Event Details:

When: December 1 – 10

Where: https://inclusionartshow.com/

Mark your calendar for December 1-10, and take a moment to explore the diverse stories and artworks featured in this dynamic showcase. Now, let’s dive into the profiles of some of this year’s exceptional participants!

Independent Artists

Dana Faris

Dana is a local photographer specializing in film and digital photography. With a passion for capturing nature, landscapes, and street scenes while on transit, Dana’s work reflects a keen eye for the beauty found in everyday moments.

Kelly Craik

Kelly is a visual artist who rediscovered herself through painting, crafting and writing. She discovered a creative love for making key chains with words of positivity and fun that connect with a person’s emotions, feelings or day. Her keychains have spread positivity among her community, inspiring young teenagers and even leading to paid work opportunities. Kelly is also known for her paper mâché works that beautifully reflect her values of caring and sharing.

Shadow Echo

Meet Shadow Echo, an 18-year-old artist with Down Syndrome and Autism. Shadow explores various artistic mediums, including abstract painting, drawing, digital art, pottery, and sculpture. With a preference for bold colors, Shadow’s art captures their vibrant personality, reflecting a love for music, dancing, horror movies, and Special Olympics hockey.

Althea Adams

Althea is an evolving and innovative visual artist who discovered her natural abilities and talents in drawing, painting, pottery, prints, and poetry. Althea’s art, expressed through acrylic pouring and painting, reflects her spiritual and mental wellness journey.

Andrew Khanansho

Andrew is a self-taught artist who discovered painting in 2021. Through painting with acrylics Andrew’s artwork has become an outlet to overcome life’s challenges, bringing joy and purpose to his life. His focus on painting various landscapes in the community showcases his evolving artistic journey.

Bart Vulliamy

Bart is an Autistic, self-taught fine art photographer, writer, disability advocate and activist from East Vancouver. His fine art photography, rooted in a unique perspective influenced by Autism and neurodivergence, captures the beauty of nature and urban landscapes. As an advocate for representation, Bart contributes to Accessibility for All Magazine, sharing insights on Autism, neurodiversity, and disability rights.

Rose Poon

Rose, a Hong Kong born Chinese-Canadian cartoonist and illustrator, expresses her love for animals, nature, and children through fine art paintings, digital arts, textiles, storytelling, and collaborative performances. Her work reflects a genuine passion for animals, nurtured through relationships developed during her years working at a dog shop.

Studios and Organizations

Aegis – posAbilities

Aegis West focuses on daily social, recreational, and skill development activities. From teaching Sign Language to elementary school students to hosting community events and creating art at PotteryWorks studio, Aegis West provides a platform for individuals to express themselves creatively and develop valuable life skills.


Aspire Richmond’s art program supports artists to explore their creative interests, pursue opportunities to showcase their unique gifts and talents, believe in themselves, and celebrate their accomplishments. Like all people, artists in the Avenues program also have amazing skills and talents hidden beneath the surface. By emphasizing each artist’s skills, the program inspires creative thinking and the development of fine motor skills. Adapted and modified art tools are employed to ensure that every participant discovers their own creative talents, fostering self-esteem and a sense of pride.

Featured Artists (left to right): Marni Zimmerman, Natasha Harewood

The Cascadia Society for Social Working

The Cascadia Society is a life-sharing community dedicated to providing cultural, artistic, and therapeutic experiences for adults with special needs. Through residential home care and day activities, Cascadia aims to unfold the potential in each person and foster harmonious relationships with the environment. Grounded in the principles of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy, Cascadia strives to build a community that celebrates each individual’s contributions to society.

Featured Artists (left to right): Jeff Wall and Susan Schmidt, Clay Studio Collaboration

Alternative Creations Studio

Since 2013, Alternative Creations Studio has been a beacon of artistic expression in East Vancouver. This nurturing haven provides artists with developmental disabilities a space to cultivate their talents and communicate their creativity. The studio enriches the lives of artists, their families and the wider community through collaborations, community workshops, and events.

Featured Artists (left to right): Krista Menges, Rachelle DeSousa

Studio Seventy Three

This not-for-profit studio is home to a group of 13 artists who work with glass to create beautiful art. The artists come with a range of different artistic experience and have been creating glass art anywhere from 1 – 10 years. The pieces are hand-crafted and then fused and formed using a kiln.

Featured Artists (left to right): Ashley Dheil, Fatima

Pottery Works

Founded in 2000 in Burnaby, Pottery Works is a collective of talented painters, potters, photographers, and jewelers. Artists at Pottery Works create original works of art for exhibition and sale, showcasing diverse styles and techniques. All of the artists love making art as a way to express themselves, a way to help overcome their own disabilities or help those they support overcome their challenges. Pottery The studio has been featured in shows across the Lower Mainland, galleries, and the River Market in New Westminster, BC.

Featured Artists (left to right): Ashley Dheil, James Lash

Holidays are just around the corner. If you’re still searching for that perfect gift, exploring the INCLUSION Online Art Show could be a wonderful way to discover one-of-a-kind treasures while supporting these incredible artists. Join us in celebrating the talents and voices that make the art community a truly inclusive and inspiring space!

Event Details:

When: December 1 – 10

Where: https://inclusionartshow.com/