Contributed by: Monique Nelson, Director of Community Engagement

Hello Families, Caregivers & Community Volunteers – Come Host 100s of Splendid Learning Experiences!

Did you know that the Kudoz team is looking for people who want to share the thing they love to do? Or used to do?  A passion that can be shared with someone else who is bored, curious, or never had the opportunity to try something new?  That person, the host, can be you.

If you are wondering, why should I take part?  Know that it really is an experience for two. Kudoz hosts have different reasons for taking part.  Some like me, like to pay it forward. Others, like to connect with someone new during their regular routines, hone their teaching skills, or perhaps they just discovered that hosting provides the perfect reason to carve out time for their passion.  Whether it’s fashion photography, repairing bikes, bird watching, making Indian sweets, or performing stunts like Cassandra!

Kudoz is on the hunt for people with weird, wonderful, and seemingly every day passions.  People like you and me. We are currently a community of over 50 hosts and would like to keep it growing!

I have to admit that I was a little nervous when I first signed up. I did not know who would want to come bird watching with me, how I would find the time to host an experience when asked, and what would become of my new connections. It has been a few months now, and I can honestly say, becoming a host is easy. I set my schedule and decide when, where, and how often to share an experience. It can be as little as one hour a month.

Now I find that I am waiting for my next Ku-Doer (the cool person whom I get to meet) to find my experience in the catalogue ( and come hang out with me at Central Park for a couple of hours. I have found that I love teaching people about the parks history, all kinds of tid bits about nature, and of course we spend some time listening to the songbirds, watching ducks and geese. I also try to work out a little on the fitness equipment that is at the park while I am hosting and gently hint that I would really like someone to come back there and attempt the pitch and putt with me.

The neat thing about Kudoz, is that I craft the experience around what I am already doing. Kudoz doesn’t add to my to-do list, it just adds a person to the things that I want to do.

I also know that the Kudoz team is there to help support me and teach me how to make the experience even more meaningful for a person. My hope is that our time together will spark a new or deepening interest, opening up even more opportunities down the road.

I know that the team is currently looking for volunteers to add to the passion pool – specifically, to match up with some folks who have expressed an interest in trying out: cycling, painting, house painting, meteorology, kayaking, history, badminton, politics, meditation, foreign language, working with wood, trains, current events, camping and tattoo art.

Want to know more about becoming a Host?  Want to nominate someone to be a Host? Talk to the folks at Kudoz! Be a little selfish, and reap the rewards of hosting.

Get in touch:
Host coordinator Satsuko VanAntwerp
m. 647-983-3684