Let’s Celebrate Community Inclusion Month in BC

Hello everyone,

Although physically apart so often these days, we are also forever connected by the experiences we share as members of the community living movement. This month’s pandemic update is brief, and will be followed by a list of opportunities for you and your family members to explore as we mark Community Inclusion Month in British Columbia.

COVID-19 Health-Check
We are pleased to report that our teams and persons served remain COVID-19 free at this time. Although we have had individual members self-monitor, self-isolate, and in one case test positive for COVID-19, there have been no transmissions to employees or persons served at our homes or day service sites since we last updated you. We fully resolved the outbreak we had in one of our group homes in August within 14 days. As we enter the Fall season, we are feeling very thankful, and appreciative for all that you do to help us stay safe.

We recently implemented a Mandatory Mask Policy for employees on shift at posAbilities. Although masks have always been available to our staff, we took this extra step upon seeing the trend of increasing cases of COVID-19 in the community. In addition, health authorities have informed us that mask wearing before there is evidence of an outbreak, can significantly reduce the risk of transmission. We currently have a healthy supply of certified reusable and disposable masks (as well as other Personal Protective Equipment) in order to be able to effectively implement this policy. In combination with our employee screening tools, and other prevention measures we have in place, we are confident that we are doing our very best to create a safe and healthy environment for persons served and our employees at all of our program sites and homes.

If you would like more information about our programs and services, or resources to assist you as you navigate life with COVID-19, please visit our website, or connect with your closest posAbilities team member.


Fernando Coelho, CEO

Our hybrid Annual General Meeting took place September 28, 2020. Most members participated by Zoom, with a few of the board’s team participating in person at our head office. From right to left: Joanne Gauthier and Lorie Sherritt, Directors; Dave Sherritt seated – former Director, and myself, Fernando, your CEO.

Discover the Arts | October 1-31, 2020

The INCLUSION Art Show has gone online and is now OPEN for the entire month of October! Visit early and visit often, so that you can procure the pieces you fall in love with! Our online show features 100 artists with diverse abilities showcasing their photography, paintings, illustrations, pottery, glasswork, fabric art, and cards! Sales and pick-up delivery arrangements will be made directly between the artist/purchaser. posAbilities will take no commissions from these sales, and would like to thank our Sponsors – the City of Vancouver and the BC Government and Service Employees’ Union for their support.

NEW THIS YEAR – Visit the arts initiatives page to listen to poetry, and to discover other new partnerships!

See & Share – VIFF Film & After Party

posAbilities, BACI and Kinsight are proud to be presenting sponsors of the award winning film, The Reason I Jump. A Grand Jury prize and Audience Award winner at Sundance, Jerry Rothwell’s film is a revelatory work of education, a vital act of advocacy and an adventure for the senses. Adapting the groundbreaking book written in 2007 by 13-year-old Naoki Higashida, the director expands its first-person account of autism into an indelible group portrait that bridges wildly divergent subjectivities.

“[A] compassionate, creative documentary.” – Variety

Check out the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyZUDmouMsU

Get FREE TICKETS and join us in our CoMakeDO After-Party Zoom Call on October 6 at 5:30PM! *Approximately 20 tickets available. RSVP to info@posAbilities.ca

Learn and Advocate

There are several opportunities to connect and get involved in advancing the community living movement! Join a webinar hosted by PLAN and Disability Alliance to learn more about how they are working with the government of Canada to improve the financial security of persons with disabilities – click here. Participate in our Pandemic Learning Project and help us learn how to better prepare for future crisis and ongoing challenges like COVID-19. Check out Inclusion BC’s Election 2020 Toolkit by clicking here or visit BC Ed Access, and connect with other parents of school aged children, and online learnings and support!


Listen to posAbilities’ “Good For All” Podcast

Good For All - a new podcast by posAbilities
Grab your headphones and get listening—posAbilities has a new podcast! Good For All, hosted by Monique Nelson, is a show that shares stories about disability, community, and inclusion. We invite our listeners to join us as we work toward our vision of “good and full lives” for all. But what do we mean when we say “good and full lives” and how do we get there? For our first episode, our Director of Innovation and author, Gord Tulloch, sat down with us to talk about innovation’s role in that journey.


Read a Book

Check out these new releases from thought leaders in our sector:

COMING SOON – October 27, 2020: The Trampoline Effect: Redesigning our Social Safety Nets by posAbilities’ Director of Innovation, Gord Tulloch and Dr. Sarah Schulman. Click here for more info!

The Power of Disability: 10 Lessons for Surviving, Thriving, and Changing the World by Al Etmanski, best-selling author of Impact: Six Patterns to Spread your Social Innovation.

Marketplace Revolution: From Concentrated Wealth to Community Capital by David LePage.


Join an Online Event!

The current recommendation from health professionals is to practice physical distancing and avoid in-person gatherings. However, you can still participate in online events like livestreams and webinars from home. For more virtual events, visit www.comakedo.ca. (You can also share events with the CoMakeDo team!)

AutismBC Goes to an Exotic Animal Party

Tuesday, October 6, 4-5pm – Parrots that talk back? Teenage turtles on patrol? Join us on this wild and awesome animal safari + meet a variety of amazing + exotic creatures from across the world! Learn, play, marvel + party with giant boa constrictors, colour changing lizards, + a whole host of furry friends. We will gather in a private online chatroom and watch a show together. There will also be time for participants to ask questions.

VocalEye Almost Live

Begins September 30, 6:30 pm – Join host Amy Amantea for a new season of free and accessible Almost Live Virtual VocalEye Zoom events, starting on Wednesday, September 30! VocalEye’s Fall Season Full of Zoom will include a variety of described performances (theatre, opera, dance), festival highlights, visual art tours, described film screenings, cultural tours, local artists and other special guests.

Social Media Platforms – How to Use Them and What They All Mean

Saturday, October 3, 11am-12:30pm – We communicate with each other in exciting new ways and these can be interesting, powerful and overwhelming! They can also be really individualised and what works for one person or group will be different than what works for someone else. By making good choices around what and how we want to communicate online, and with whom, we can increase our leverage, access and build good partnerships and begin building a good plan that won’t create more work.


Other Resources

Sign up for Individual and Family Updates from Community Living BC – This week’s update contains a wide variety of information and resource links – you can check it out here!

See our Community Resources page and our COVID-19 page for more useful links and connections to supportive organizations across BC! Thank you for joining us! For more information and resources, please visit our website and subscribe to our monthly E-News publications: www.posAbilities.ca or contact us info@posAbilities.ca or by phone 604-299-4001, ext 270.