Contributed by: Joanne Chong, Stefanie Costales and Cheryl Kwan, Special Projects Workers

School’s out and summer has begun. Therefore, to all the poor university students it’s work season.  posAbilities is gearing up for a summer of excitement and fun. We are going to need help managing all our numerous events, thus meet our new summer power troupe – Cheryl, Joanne and Stefanie!

Summer Students 2015

From the left, here we have Cheryl, Joanne and Stefanie.

Hi everyone! My name is Cheryl and I’m a 4th year student majoring in Communications at Simon Fraser University. When I first came across this position through the SFU Co-op program, I was very intrigued by the meaning behind the name posAbilities. The idea of “opening doors to a world of possibilities” is truly inspiring. I have felt extremely welcomed (even during my job interview!) because everyone here shares the same vision and values. As a full-time student and part-time artist, I’m ecstatic to learn about posAbilities‘ annual art show. Due to my previous experience working for a non-profit art project being memorable, I especially look forward to contributing to the art show. Even though I’m only working at posAbilities for a short time period, I hope to enrich my marketing communication experiences and make a contribution to people with disabilities.

My name is Joanne, and I’m a 2nd year marketing management student at BCIT. After investing thousands into my education, I did not want to waste my summer in another boring retail position. As a Special Projects Worker at posAbilities, I’m given the opportunity to gain real-world experience in an area of study that I’m actually interested in. As a marketing student with little (practically zero) experience, this is the perfect step forward. I’m looking forward to applying all the knowledge I gained while cramming for my final exams. I’m most excited to perform tasks related to digital marketing and event management. After this experience, I expect to gain a better sense of my interests and strengths. To our fellow confused university students, we say “fight on!

I’m Stefanie, a 4th year Communications Major at Simon Fraser University. I’m excited to be starting this opportunity with posAbilitiesbecause I get to be a part of an organization that provides such unique resources and services. I’m looking forward to learning from people who work in the non-profit sector; gaining career and life knowledge from them as well as assisting with community events. Throughout the summer, I’m hoping to learn more about marketing strategies and public relations as well as gain experience with design and social media. I am currently training for a half marathon late in the if you see me around the office with a snack in hand, remind me to get back on track!

posAbilities provides us with a welcoming work environment and we are all thrilled to be part of the team. We are looking forward to all the challenges that await us, wish us luck!