posAbilities co-sponsors storytelling workshops led by renowned motivational humourist
Kristian Partington

David Roche makes his living telling stories and inspiring others to tell theirs. When he “found his voice” he says he found his calling and today he travels the world enriching lives with a mix of humour, motivational compassion and instructional workshops.

Roche was born with a severe facial disfigurement that required extensive surgeries and radiation treatments that left him physically ravaged, and he uses this fact as a base for his speeches.

In his “middle years,” he says three major factors helped him find his creative voice: he found his soul-mate; he found comfort in touch and his own body; and he learned that alcohol was drowning his creativity.

His life since that realization has been happily spent honing his craft and living the life of the quintessential storyteller.

He’s spoken at the Clinton White House, performed his one-man show at the Sydney Olympics Arts Festival, and packed theatres and concert halls from Moscow to England.

On March 30 he’ll be at Heritage Hall in Vancouver offering free workshops on the craft of storytelling. The workshops are geared towards self-advocates and families as a great confidence-building tool.

During the workshops, of which posAbilities is a major co-sponsor, Roche, along with his wife Marlena Blavin, will lead by example before helping participants find their voice, no matter their comfort level or ability.

“I talk about being facially disfigured,” he says, “but the truth is, everybody feels disfigured, so my face is unique but my story is a universal one.”

The key to the success of his workshops, he says, is that they are conducted in a safe environment where everyone feels encouraged and acknowledged.

“We tell people ‘your first assignment is not to tell a story — your first assignment is to listen to other people and encourage them to bring out their best,” says Roche.

“Don’t try and think about the story you want to tell,” he suggests to his guests. “Try and get out of the way of the story that wants to be told.”

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