As our Vancouver Canucks hockey team was eliminated during the first round of the NHL playoffs just weeks ago, some of the more loyal and avid fans may still be going through a rough time. Yet as we reflect on the triumphs and tribulations that make up life as a Canucks fan, we must remember that the spirit of the game lives on!

While the Canucks’ season may be over, some of our folks had an absolute blast at a game during their regular season. Two of our persons served, Charlie and Douglas, and their home share providers, Robbie and Gerald share their story with us!


My name is Charlie and this is my first Canucks game. I was getting excited as we found parking and as we approached Rogers Arena. I bought myself another Canucks baseball hat that I can add to my baseball hat collection. I love going to games as the energy and excitement is very thrilling! I got myself some popcorn and pop and said hello to the nice lady that helped us to our seats. 

My name is Douglas and this is my second hockey game everyone. I really liked going as it was also fun and exciting and the way people cheered gave me a smile. I got myself a coffee and sat down the entire time as I didn’t want to miss anything. 

“We are very grateful for the wonderful opportunity to get tickets to go to the Canucks game and we would like to personally thank the Association and the donators. We all enjoyed the game as it was exciting and fun. Thank you! The Canucks won 5 to 2 – yay!” — Robbie and Gerald, Home Share Providers.