Last week, from June 6-8, Vancouver hosted the “In the House” Festival. “In the House” creates intimate cultural spaces where all genres of music, dance, theatre, circus, magic, puppets, storytelling, spoken word, cabaret, burlesque and more are featured! Although the performers produce several shows over the year (including dinner theatre events, a haunted house and more), their signature event is the “In the House “Festival.

This year marked the 11th annual “In the House” festival. The festival is held over 3 days in 13 homes, and there are 20 spectacular shows! Living rooms and backyards open their doors so the audience, can experience the world of performance in original and unforgettable ways. The festival aims to showcase all the talent that Vancouver has to offer while building friendships, creating wonder and strengthening neighbourhoods – all in non-threatening and financially accessible ways.

Our own spotlightjake was there to check it out – watch his video review below!