Everyone wants to feel like they belong – to have a group, a club, a squad, a posse, a tribe, some homegirls, besties, BFFs… a circle that is just theirs.

Girls club is that.


GIRLS CLUB is an inclusive club for girls with autism and related disorders, regardless of required supports. The aim of this club is to foster fun, community, friendships, play, and “big sister-little sister” connections. It’s a place of acceptance without judgement, and relaxation without barriers, where parents can also connect with one another.

GIRLS CLUB was formed specifically with girls in mind due to the fact that autism is over four times more commonly diagnosed in boys than girls. The club hopes to provide more opportunities to girls with autism to connect and form friendships with others who share their experience. If you are a girl (or if you have a child) with a different intellectual disability, fear not! GIRLS CLUB welcomes girls of all abilities and ages and membership is 100% free.

The club will meet on the second Thursday evening and last Sunday afternoon of each month, and will feature both indoor and outdoor events, from themed parties and movies, to crafts and field trips. For more information, please visit inGIRLSCLUB.com or contact info@inGIRLSCLUB.com to get involved!

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