After months of hard work, planning, and plenty of fun we are proud to be wrapping up the first phase of our People of  posAbilities campaign! Not only did this initiative give us the opportunity to tell the unique stories of our team members, but enabled us to explore our needs as an organization and new ways we can work towards our mission of inclusion in the future.

Even though we weren’t able to feature everyone’s story in the campaign, we are grateful for the ongoing support we received from team members, persons served, friends, and families across the agency on our website and social channels. Thank you for your comments, likes, and shares! Remember, the great thing about this campaign is that it is ongoing. If we didn’t feature you this first phase, there’s always the next!

This brings us to our ambassadors! If it weren’t for you, we would not have been able to carry out the People of posAbilities Campaign. Thank you for your participation and for sharing your unique and inspiring journeys with us. We hope you enjoyed being a part of this initiative and remember your involvement for years to come! Read their stories below and take a look at our video for a quick snippet!

Fernando Coelho
Maria Carpio
Emmalee Braun
Rey Cerio
Hemant Kulkarni
Saddiqua Bacchus
David Kim
Megan Haliburton

We hope you’ll join us in supporting the next phase of the People of posAbilities recruitment and retention campaign. There are many more amazing stories to be told and we can’t wait to uncover them.

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