We are excited to announce that posAbilities is sponsoring an event at Connect Fest!

Connect Fest is a free, multi-day celebration of lifelong learning, taking place in venues throughout the City of Burnaby on April 26th – April 30th. We’re sponsoring an event called Taking Care. This event invites you to reflect on the role that care plays in your everyday life. Through a collaborative art making process, participants will contribute drawings, writing or stories about giving and receiving care.

To learn more about the event along with other exciting activities coming up in the community this weekend read this article from Connect Fest.

On Sunday, April 28, the Edmond’s Community School will open their doors at 11:00 a.m. for a full day of opportunities to listen and learn from the stories and arts of individual immigrant women from all over the world. Each storyteller will draw upon their unique personal experiences as newcomers to Canada.

The Long Table Society, together with the Burnaby School District, will be hosting an outdoor BBQ with halal and veggie options, followed by a long table featuring foods from the Eritrean, Afghan, Chinese, South Asian, and Latino communities of Southeast Burnaby. Sit down with us to experience tastes and stories from around the world.

Work like this requires cultivating the “roots” of partnership. This day would not be possible without the ongoing passion of  Mary Blanca and George Berking from United Way BC. Mary’s abiding love of the Edmond’s community and George’s administration of the Local Love project have taken community relationship building to the next level. Connect Fest has been able to come together in Edmonds thanks to the fabric of trusting relationships they have helped to build here—a strong demonstration of the skill and value of slow, intentional placemaking.

This is the core of community-based learning! Connection, belonging, and sense of place often revolve around the food and the collective work of folks who want to gather and share.

So join us in Edmonds on April 28—come be a part of the magic. I’m excited to see you there!