As the holiday clock ticks down, the pressure to find the perfect last-minute gifts can be overwhelming. Fear not! The INCLUSION Online Art Show is your secret haven for one-of-a-kind artwork that make for thoughtful and unique presents. In this blog, we’ll explore the magic of last-minute holiday shopping, the joy of discovering handmade treasures, and the meaningful impact of supporting independent artists.

             Featured Artists (left to right): Deidre Snow, Karen Colville


The Artful Escape:

Escape the chaos of crowded stores and uninspired gift options. The INCLUSION Online Art Show offers a serene virtual escape where you can leisurely explore a curated collection of artworks from the comfort of your home. Say goodbye to holiday shopping stress!

             Featured Artists (left to right): Alysha Jutha, James Lash

Thoughtful and Unique Gifts:

Amidst the rush, find comfort in the thoughtfulness of unique gifts. The artworks featured in the INCLUSION Online Art Show are not just objects; they are expressions of passion, creativity, and individuality. Discover pieces that resonate with the personalities of your loved ones and make your gifts stand out.

            Featured Artists (left to right): Clay Workshop Companions, Bart Vulliamy

The Last-Minute Treasure Hunt:

Embrace the excitement of a last-minute treasure hunt! With a diverse array of paintings, sculptures, and other art forms, the INCLUSION Online Art Show invites you to explore hidden gems and uncover the perfect gift that encapsulates the spirit of the season.

            Featured Artists (left to right): Rose Poon, Andrew Chuang, Mollie Chau

Supporting Independent Artists:

By choosing art from the INCLUSION Online Art Show, you directly support independent artists who pour their hearts into each creation. Your gift becomes a celebration of creativity, and you become a valued patron of the arts, making a positive impact on an artist’s journey.

In the final stretch of your holiday shopping, consider stepping away from the ordinary. The INCLUSION Online Art Show invites you to elevate your gift-giving game with unique and meaningful artwork that will make your loved ones feel truly special. Embrace the joy of last-minute holiday shopping, and let the treasures you discover tell stories that resonate with the season’s spirit. Happy shopping!

Event Details:

When: December 1 – 10