Community Living Show encourages participation
Lisa Bailey

The old adage that people who have a disability should be seen and not heard is literally turned on its ear every Friday from 2 to 2:30 p.m.

That’s when self advocates Dave and Lorie Sherritt, along with a number of others, present the Community Living Show live on Co-op Radio CFRO 102.7 FM in Vancouver.

They discuss well researched topics related to people who have a disability, such as pension cheques and transportation challenges.

“We bring to the table almost every type of concern that has to deal with people who have a disability,” says Dave, who acts as a host, programmer and control board operator.

Listeners are welcome to suggest subjects, become Co-op Radio members and come on the air.

It’s member-driven radio, with a campaign underway to grow the audience and participant base.

Dave has been involved with the show since it began decades ago as the Self Advocate Show. He says it was innovative and worthwhile, and it “remains close to my heart” as he continues to be committed to education and awareness to drive inclusion.

The show was retitled a few years ago to reflect the fact that people who have a disability are citizens living in and contributing to the community.

“Trying to educate the community at large is something that I’ve been trying to do for years,” says Dave who, with Lorie, has served on posAbilities board of directors, the Self Advocates for Equality Committee and other organizations.

“One of the things we’re trying to do is get the community involved enough so if they hear us or see us on the street, they won’t cross the street and go the other way,” Dave says.

“What we’re trying to portray is we’re the same as everybody else, and we have the same concerns, needs, wants, as everybody else. That’s our main goal, to educate the community at large, and of course to give our members information as to what’s in their community that they could get involved in.”

He appreciates the free rein given on the show’s subject matter because it lends a voice for people who have a disability to speak.

He encourages any individual who has a disability to check out the show, suggest a topic and/or become a member, including those living in residential settings.

“Like we say every time we sign off, the Community Living Show is your radio program and we are here for you,” Dave says.

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