Contributed by Jenny Story

Brown-haired woman wearing a black wide-brimmed hat. She is holding two books, Dysnomia: Outcast on a Distant Moon and Dysnomia: Home Lies in Your Heart.

My name is Jenny Story and I am a high-functioning autistic young woman. At 3 years old I was diagnosed with low-functioning autism and my Mom was told that I would never talk or do well in school and that my future was bleak.

Well, my Mom and I together took a positive approach to autism, and in doing so, I am now a best-selling and award-winning author as well as a 2D and 3D Animator at age 28. Yes, I have had my ups and downs on my journey with autism, however, I trucked forward, being positive and going after my dreams and goals.

My Mom has always been my rock, my sounding board, and a continual voice for me. I am so grateful for her unconditional love and never-ending support. She has always believed in me and made me confident in myself.

I have now written two books of my fantasy fiction trilogy, Dysnomia. The first one is called Dysnomia: Outcasts on A Distant Moon and the second book, Dysnomia: Home Lies In Your Heart, has just recently been published on May 1st. Both are available on and  You can also get them on Indigo Online and all Indigo, Chapters and Coles stores.

A book called "The Autistic Author and Animator: A Mother's View of a Daughter's Triumph. On the cover of the book, a mother and her adult daughter sit on a concrete staircase outdoors, looking lovingly at one another.

In saying this, my Mom’s book, The Autistic Author and Animator, can be bought at the same places as my books. She writes about my journey of autism through her eyes. Many autistic individuals and their families have thanked her for sharing our story in her book, as it has given them and their families hope, a rainbow of coloured lights at the end of the tunnel and a future for them all. And with me going after my goals, they say they want to “do a Jenny” and go after their dreams. Mom also wrote it for the general public to shed the stigma box around autism and shine a positive light on this condition. Autism rocks!!

Jenny Story is the author of the Dysnomia series, and the second book in the trilogy, Dysnomia: Homes Lies in Your Heart, was released in May 2021. Her mother, Janet Walmsley, has written a book about Jenny’s story, The Autistic Author and Animator: A Mother’s View of a Daughter’s Triumph. You can learn more about Jenny’s books at