Connor Desharnais, Monica Alves, Nelson Hang, Krista Greig

There’s some new kids on the block!

This week we were happy to welcome aboard Connor, Monica, Nelson, and Krista – a new batch of summer students from SFU. As aspiring communication professionals, these four fresh faces are ready to take on the role of Special Projects Workers and make their mark here at posAbilities!


My name is Connor and I just finished my second year of studying Communication at Simon Fraser University.  I love to exercise my creativity, so I have an interest in the creative side of marketing and advertising.  I also enjoy video production, whether it’s writing a script, filming, or editing.  I’d also like to try out managing social media, as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.  Finally, I love to make people laugh, so I’m hoping I’ll get to insert some of my humor into the work I do.  I’m excited to get started for the summer and I’m looking forward to exercising what I’ve learned at school in real world situations for posAbilities.


Hey, I’m Monica! I just finished my second year as a Communication student at Simon Fraser University. My love for writing led me to start out as a Creative Writing major back in 2014, but now my main focuses of study are marketing and new media. I have work experience in the customer service industry, mainly as a server and a student fundraiser in an SFU call center. This is where I’ve gained communication and creative problem solving skills in which I’m excited to apply to my new position here at posAbilities. I hope to create meaningful content that really connects with audiences through my passion for storytelling, photography and videography. Although I’m only here for the summer, I can’t wait to learn all that I can, collaborate with my coworkers and help make a difference with this inspiring organization!


My name is Nelson and I have been in the world of post-secondary since September of 2012 at SFU. I am majoring in Communications along with a minor in Publishing and am looking forward to using the skills I’ve learned from school and evolve those acquired skills in the work field.

Outside of school, I have a knack for adventure and thanks to my love for exploring, I tend to snap photos wherever I go on a regular basis. These include getting quick snapshots of what I see with my phone to post onto Instagram and taking photos with my mirrorless camera and editing them using Adobe Creative Suite into works of art to post onto Facebook to share with my friends. Given my nature of being an outgoing individual, I also attend conventions to dress up in cosplay to show my love for nerd fandom. As a result, I love communicating with people who have similar interests and to help break out of my shell as the shy guy into becoming someone who is confident at talking to anybody. In addition to this, I also help out my friend run his knife booth at the Richmond Night Market as a way to improve team building and interacting with those who come by.

Overall, I am looking forward to improving my skills that I have acquired in and outside of school here at posAbilities with the hopes of carrying my experience to future opportunities. Cheers and nice to meet you all!


Hi, I’m Krista! I’ve just finished my third year at Simon Fraser University majoring in Communication and minoring in Business Administration. I hope to bring my experience as a Youth Program Coordinator to posAbilities to help plan events and create marketing and advertising materials, as well as getting to dabble in social media and put my writing skills to work. Outside of work, I enjoy writing for my personal blog, watching and re-watching TV shows from the 2000s, and doing things outdoors like skiing, hiking, and camping. I look forward to all the new and exciting opportunities working at posAbilities will bring!