Our 12th Annual INCLUSION Art Show and Sale is right around the corner, and we can’t wait for you to see all the amazing artwork. Of course, behind every amazing piece is an equally talented artist, so we’d like to introduce you to some of them!

Rebecca Nosella

At the age of 25, Rebecca’s soothing and peaceful personality allows for her to conceptualize the amazing artwork that she creates. Rebecca’s disabilities, both Acardi’s syndrome and Cerebral Palsy do not hold her back from expressing herself artistically. Without the ability to talk, and limited vision, she continues producing enough artwork to sell out shows, incorporating the use of everyday objects to craft her art pieces. Rebecca will be doing a painting demonstration for our art show on Thursday, October 27th at 1pm!


James Lash

Underneath his quiet exterior, James is an expressive and passionate artist who shares with us a little of his experience of the world through artistic mediums. James has been drawing from a young age and has been a member of PotteryWorks since its inception over 13 years ago. Watching James paint, glaze pottery, or sketch in his book, one is immediately made aware that he has natural artistic abilities.


Dan Tell

Dan is one of PotteryWorks’ more experienced artists, who has been involved with the studio for approximately 13 years. Not only is Dan an avid potter, he also paints landscapes and scenes from nature. Dan is also a “thinker”: occasionally you will catch him lost in thought. One of Dan’s favourite motifs for his pottery are floral patterns, which you’ll be able to see at our art show this year!


Manny Ravelo

Manny’s independent nature has enabled his artistic style, creating amazing art pieces that have always caught people’s attention. Growing up, he had a strong passion for automobiles and went on to become an Automotive Mechanic. He suffered from a stroke early on in his life near the height of his career. Adapting to the new lifestyle was not easy but he gained a new love for art and nature. He developed his new found passion for creating art, drawing inspiration the beauty of nature and culture.

To learn more about these artists, please follow this link: http://www.inclusionartshow.com/meet-the-artists. We hope to see you all at the art show!