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Hello everyone! My name is Maverick Todd (he/him), and I’ll be completing my second co-op term at posAbilities as a special projects worker in the Community Engagement department!

I’m a fourth-year Communications major at Simon Fraser University. I hope to graduate in the next year or so! The position of Special Projects Worker at posAbilities intrigued me because of the opportunity to be a part of an inclusive organization that does so much for folks with developmental disabilities and their families. In the role of special projects worker, I will be doing social media work while working on a variety of projects! I am eager for the opportunity to connect with unique individuals within and outside of the company!

Outside of work and school, I enjoy writing, reading, running, and watching sports. Growing up, I always wanted to be a hockey player but quickly realized that I didn’t have the ankle strength to become one. That’s when I started to take an interest in sports media and broadcasting, I found that aspect of the sports industry interesting because of the opportunity to travel and interact with several different sports personalities. Now that I have some marketing experience under my belt, I have started to take an interest in the social media and marketing aspects of sports. I feel that doing social media work in sports would connect two of my passions and is something I’m working towards doing as a career one day!

Everyone that I’ve met so far has been incredibly kind and supportive and has made my transition into the role of special projects worker seamless. Even though I’ll only be here for three months, I hope to learn as much as possible while developing skills that will translate to future professional opportunities. Additionally, I want to do everything I can to make a positive contribution to posAbilities in my limited time here!