The 17th annual INCLUSION Art Show & Sale invites you to explore, share and celebrate the accomplishments of artists with developmental disabilities. See the recent creations of artists who are working independently or in studios supported by Community Living agencies across Metro Vancouver. This year, we have unique artwork on display and up for grabs from nine contributing studios. Let’s learn a bit about how these studios offer inclusive and safe spaces for individuals with disabilities to express themselves creatively.

Alternatives Gallery and Studio

Alternative Creations Studio, located in East Vancouver, is a collective that supports artists with developmental disabilities. Our studio provides the opportunity for artists to hone their skills, working both figuratively and abstractly and sometimes the space in between. Since 2013, our focus has been to enrich the lives of our artists, their families and the broader community. We pride ourselves on collaborating in like-minded initiatives, sharing studio space, and connecting with the wider public by hosting community workshops and other events. Through art, we create space for an inclusive community. Here is a glimpse of the work we do: Building a Community Through Art.

Art Hive

The Art Hive at the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver celebrates the strengths and creative capacities of individuals and communities. All ages and skill levels are welcome to participate in guided activities or self-directed art making. Individuals are encouraged to discover their inner artist, make art and build community.  It’s a great place for people to discover their inner artist!

Artists Helping Artists

A.H.A. (which stands for Artists Helping Artists) is an art studio collective where individuals of all abilities and skill levels are encouraged to come together to make art of all kinds! A.H.A. provides artists with studio space, affordable materials and the opportunity to pursue their aspirations concerning artistic expression.


BridgeArt is a group of artists supported by Inclusion Langley, formerly known as The Langley Association for Community Living (LACL). The studio began in 1998 as a small group of individuals who had the desire to develop their artistic skills and to express themselves creatively. Their art includes a variety of subject matters and styles, including realism, abstract, impressionism and naïve art. The majority of the paintings are done with acrylic paint on canvas. However, each artist also experiments with different mediums that include collage, 3D sculptural forms, painting on glass, and creating one-of-a-kind cards and functional art. BridgeArt artists show their works at local art exhibitions through participation in community events and projects.

Developmental Disabilities Association

DDA’s art program is a blend of creativity, expression and inclusion, open to artists of all levels. The program focuses entirely on what the artists are drawn to create. What may begin as a picture of a fish evolves into a painting, then a ceramic sculpture. The adaptability and collaboration with the artists’ interests are what helps to shape the program. The results are works of art of astounding quality and destined for homes.


PotteryWorks is a studio and gallery space located in New Westminster BC, sponsored by the Community Living Society. A collective of talented painters, potters and jewelers create original works of art for exhibition and sale. Some of the PotteryWorks artists receive support, others attend independently; each inspiring one another to reach their artistic aspirations. Working artists provide instruction for those who want to improve their skills and talents. The artists of PotteryWorks and the Color Collective, exhibit their work at art shows and galleries around the Lower Mainland.

Richmond Society for Community Living (Avenues)

Richmond Society for Community Living’s art program supports artists to explore their creative interests, to pursue opportunities to showcase their unique gifts and talents, to believe in themselves and to celebrate their accomplishments. By focusing on exploring each artists’ skills, the programs inspire creative thinking and the development of fine motor skills. With the use of adapted and modified art tools when necessary, every participant is supported to discover their own creative talents, improving self-esteem and developing a sense of pride for the artists. The program participants also create beautiful and unique handicrafts of their choice and are taught other skills in a variety of media.

Studio 73

Studio Seventy Three is a fused glass Studio and Gallery located in Surrey. The artists there create beautiful hand crafted, one of a kind fused glass that is both decorative and functional. They are also integral in the running of our Newton business. The artists are engaged in all sales, networking, and marketing. While promoting awareness, access, participation and appreciation of the arts within community they bring with them a new way of looking at our culture. They continue to give back to community by volunteering in things such as Adopt-A-Street or fundraising for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Not only are these artists assisting to build and grow a more sustainable and enjoyable community they are bridging the gap among community members –where everyone can be seen as truly valued citizens in an inclusive community.


Vicuña Art Studio is a studio devoted to supporting artists with diverse abilities to embrace their individuality, develop their talent and create inspiring works. Located in Maple Ridge, Vicuña welcomed its first students in 2008. The studio was created in response to a need for artists with diverse abilities who wanted to pursue their artistic ambitions. Every participant who enters the studio is assured access to professional instruction, quality canvas, paint, brushes, clay, and tools. They are further supported to exhibit and sell their works at gallery events and with local retailers. Owned and operated by the Ridge Meadows Association for Community Living, Vicuña is supported by funding from the provincial government and generous donations from its many patrons and supporting members.

Check out the online INCLUSION Art Show at throughout October to browse work from artists with diverse abilities. Online sales available from October 21-28. For more information about participating artists at each studio, as well as our independent artists, see the Artist Bios booklet.