Innovative initiatives help promote organization as a great place to work, says Dan Volbek
Michelle Strutzenberger

Volleyball and music have been Dan Volbek’s hobbyhorses for a while, and during the last two years he’s turned them into a program offering for his fellow employees, sparking a new way to connect with staff from all parts of the organization.

The posAbilities staff member heads up a volleyball team, and music drop-in session, both now considered initiatives of the organization’s relatively new employee wellness program.

“It’s a lot of fun,” says Dan, a member of the posAbilities employee wellness committee.

“You get people coming together from different parts of the agency that probably wouldn’t have anything to do with each other (otherwise),” he says, noting he’s made some really good friends through the two programs.

“These kinds of events are ways for people to connect outside of work hours, who may never connect doing anything else.”

“(They) bridge the gap between the people in the programs out in the field, and those of us that are nine to fivers here in the office.”

Other obvious benefits to the volleyball program in particular include the exercise and fresh air, says Dan.

“And it’s a really good outlet,” he says. “It’s not that competitive. They’re fun leagues that we get involved with.”

Dan expects the volleyball team will participate again this year in about three leagues, both beach and in-door, between April and August.

He’d like to see posAbilities t-shirts designed for the team, to amplify their connection to the organization.

Dan also notes the music sessions have resulted in some performances at posAbilities functions, which help spread the word about them and lead to more people getting involved.

Dan and his son Peter

He adds programs like these “help foster the feeling that this is a good place to work, that it’s more than just a job.”

“The social component, (the fact that) sports teams are available, . . . just kind of lends to making posAbilities a better place to work,” he says.

The posAbilities employee wellness program has been running full-steam for about a year, and includes a wide range of other components, from a corporate discount for yoga at the local YMCA, to a counseling option for staff and their families.

Sarina Ram, another committee member, notes the group aims to meet the “needs and wants” of all staff “by taking on a variety of initiatives.”

“A happy, healthy and well employee is what we aim to achieve with this committee,” she says, noting the group has had a high success rate to date and she’s hoping for an even better 2011.

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