PES Site

The posAbilities Employment Service website was launched on March 31 due to a growing demand for effective employment services from job seekers with diverse abilities. The interactive site, is designed to inspire others on their journey to employment.

Check out a variety of success stories about individuals who are now working for local businesses throughout Metro Vancouver, news, coming events and more! There is also a section dedicated to answering the common questions that employers, job seekers and educators frequently ask our Employment Specialists. One thing that hasn’t changed is that the purpose of this site is to inspire, inform and to engage our visitors, so that they feel comfortable picking up the phone or dropping us a line to learn more.

The Career Chat blog has regular posts including employment-related news, upcoming events and more. We encourage visitors to share their thoughts and questions by commenting on the posts. If you are a visual learner or love browsing through photos and videos, visit out our Media page.

Catherine Nightingale, a proud mother, told us, “Securing a job was a great step for Sean. It’s been empowering and has made a huge difference in his life.” Sean is a great example of how job seekers are able to find meaningful employment through working with us. Services for job seekers are explained on this page. Initiatives and events such as our upcoming Head Start Summer Employment Camps are also featured there.

Employing people with diverse abilities is a good business decision, not to be confused with an act of charity. Companies that have taken this step have seen improvements in their employee morale, productivity and profits. Our services for employers, detailed on this page, include how we approach our work with employers to ensure that the new hire is the right fit for the company.

Most of all, we value your feedback and love answering your questions. If you cannot find the answer to your questions on our FAQ pages, please ask us a question and a member of the Employment Service team will respond promptly. Job seekers, family members, educators and potential employers are invited to contact us for a free consultation by calling 604-291-1902 or emailing We look forward to hearing from you!