First posAbilities production already building bridges 
Michelle Strutzenberger

More than 200 people, many with no previous connection to the world of developmental disability, have just been exposed to it thanks to a new video released by posAbilities last week.

Hosted by  You Tube personality Josh Rimer, the Art Show video is energetic, funny in parts and highlights people’s gifts and talents.

Video co-producer Alisha Mann says she’s very excited about the bridging possibilities in this first of eight videos posAbilities is slated to release over the next couple of months.

“I think the most exciting thing is just being able to combine resources and really reach out to people and showcase the amazing talents and abilities and work that’s being done in the community all the time, without beating somebody over the head with messaging,” says Alisha.

She points to the major disconnect that tends to exist between people who live with a disability as well as the support community around them, and the rest of society.

“I find that all digital media, and what we’re trying to with it here at posAbilities, does bridge that gap,” she notes.

PosAbilities has been fortunate to connect with Josh, a Western Canada phenomenon with more than 12,000 You Tube subscribers and six million plus views over the last several years.

Josh adds entertainment, energy and humour to the productions that are also intended, in subtle and therefore most likely much more powerful ways, to transform perceptions and challenge stigmas associated with people who have a developmental disability.

This aligns with the mission of posAbilities as a not-for-profit community living organization that is dedicated to empowering people who have a developmental disability to live meaningful and healthy lives in welcoming communities.

“In Vancouver, the issue of urban isolation is acute,” says a statement written in the description of this video.

“Now more than ever, we see the opportunity for persons with disabilities to contribute towards building a more inclusive community, where differences are celebrated. Together, our cultural fabric is rich, and can support more meaningful relationships and a better quality of life for those whom we serve and their neighbours.”

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