Krista - PES

Contributed by posAbilities Employment Service

A few months ago Krista was having anxiety attacks when she felt stressed and overwhelmed. She also felt anxious when she was around strangers. Krista had trouble making eye contact while talking to people, “I thought I would have a hard time finding a job because I used to be nervous around the community,” said Krista.

Fast forward to three months later and Krista’s life has spun a full 180 degrees. With her hard work and support from posAbilities, Krista  is now employed at A&W, “I remember starting with posAbilities like it was just yesterday, I’ve gained confidence in myself and they gave me strategies on how to deal with situations that make me anxious.”

Krista loves her job and the people she works with. She has transitioned amazingly into her new work environment with help and support from her coworkers; “they’ve made me feel comfortable and confident, I feel like I’m part of the team, they showed me how to do my job properly and the training was great, I feel very much part of the team.” Krista especially enjoyed the A&W work Christmas party in December, “it was such a great night, we laughed, joked around and the food was fantastic!”

Moving forward, Krista plans to continue working at A&W. When you visit the A&W she works at, it will be easy to spot her because she will be sporting a large smile from ear to ear!  😀