At posAbilities, the individuals on our team help make the great work we do possible! Each team member contributes their unique skill sets, backgrounds, knowledge, and of course has a story to tell. For this reason, we are excited to highlight the career-defining moments our ambassadors have experienced throughout the duration of the People of posAbilities campaign.

Meet David! David began his career as an electrical engineer but switched career paths after realizing his true passion for employment services. This led David to posAbilities where he works to support and coach individuals of all abilities seek out meaningful employment opportunities of their own. Read more about David’s story below!

David Kim

The journey that led me to this position goes way back to my childhood. I have a family member with autism, so I know some of the challenges and goals that our family had. That really prepped me early on, but as I grew up, I was in a completely different field for a long time. I was actually employed as an electrical engineer, but that’s just not where my heart was. So I switched paths. After some experience as a Vocational Counsellor with a community living agency and completing my Career Development Practitioner at SFU, I arrived at posAbilities as a Day Support Worker and found the match I was looking for. I discovered that our persons served have the desire to learn and grow, and no matter their challenge, it’s important to stick with it and continue to be creative in your approach. When a person I am coaching grasps a particularly challenging skill or concept, my level of satisfaction doesn’t even compare to theirs! That’s how I knew that this was the work I was meant to do. I have been an Employment Specialist now since 2016. Meaningful employment can look differently to different people. To me, a fulfilling career means going home with the satisfaction that you did a good day of work and achieved something. It’s also about connecting, especially when supporting our persons served, and getting to know the employers with whom they can be successful with. It can be challenging finding the right match. You have to be accustomed to some rejection, but our team is so supportive. We work in pairs at Employment Services, which allows us to reflect, encourage, and bounce ideas off of each other. Everybody knows the difficulties, but we also have really positive stories to tell too. That positive energy throughout, really picks you up when you’re low and keeps me focused on the bigger picture.

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