At posAbilities, the individuals on our team help make the great work we do possible! Each team member contributes their unique skill sets, backgrounds, knowledge, and of course has a story to tell. For this reason, we are excited to highlight the career-defining moments our ambassadors have experienced throughout the duration of the People of posAbilities campaign.

Today we introduce Hemant Kulkarni. Hemant leads by example and is always open to trying something different. Throughout his journey with us the field of community living and adult support led Hemant to positive career transitions filled with new opportunities. See Hemant’s full story below!

Hemant Kulkarni

I started working at posAbilities in 2008 as a Supervisor in the Life Skills program and was initiated into the field of community living and adult support. Since my past experience was with children in special education, this new role pushed me to try something different. My journey changed when I fulfilled a temporary Team Manager position, exposing me to excluded management and what followed was a transition to Team Leader. Being a Team Leader gave me the opportunity to familiarize myself with multiple services and initiatives across the organization including: Laurel Behaviour Support Services, Building Caring Communities, and the Social Enterprises – Clothes Drop and Don’t Sweat It services. Participating in each of these areas and working alongside practitioners in the field empowered me, whether it was learning from individuals or through my personal passion for reading, research, and education. My constant drive for learning new skills led to new opportunities including taking business courses at UBC, supported by the association. Now, my current position focuses on two new areas, Training and Quality Assurance. This role ties my passions for teaching and analyzing data together. As an individual who has engaged in many different occupations at posAbilities, my journey has never been a solitary one. The individuals I work with help shape who I am as a person and employee, accommodate my interests in what I do on a daily basis, and above all, are my mentors. Not only are they extremely supportive but they strive for improvement of themselves, others, and the agency as a whole. If there is one thing I can share with you, it is that posAbilities truly cares about staff development, quality improvement, and innovation. No matter where you are, even if it does not seem apparent, seek out threads for self-improvement, make long-term plans, set goals, and ask about opportunities for support and development to take your career where you want it to go.

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