At posAbilities, the individuals on our team help make the great work we do possible! Each team member contributes their unique skill sets, backgrounds, knowledge, and of course has a story to tell. For this reason, we are excited to highlight the career-defining moments our ambassadors have experienced throughout the duration of the People of posAbilities campaign.

Last but not least, we introduce Megan Haliburton. Megan began her career as a Senior Support Worker. In a short timeframe, she moved across the organization fulfilling multiple roles in different positions. The continuous support and training Megan received from posAbilities in the midst of these transitions, helped her build confidence. Today, Megan is always ready to take on new challenges and experience new things! Hear more from Megan by reading below.

Megan Haliburton


I started working at posAbilities in 2014 as a Senior Support Worker. In this short timeframe, the agency has given me opportunities to try out multiple roles. I moved from a Senior Support Worker to Acting Supervisor to Community Connector then back again to a Senior Support Worker and Acting Supervisor. Each of these roles required interacting with new people, helping me build my self-esteem and the confidence I needed to continue trying new things at work and in daily life, no matter how challenging or scary. Today, I am a Team Leader and use all of the skills I have learned over the years. Reflecting back on my previous work and in this current role, I can honestly say that the most positive aspect about working at posAbilities is the support I have received with every decision and difficult transition I have made. It is not easy to start from scratch in a new role. Even during the times I felt unsure, I was offered coaching and guidance. As a Team Leader, I face new challenges. However, the skills and experience I’ve acquired along with the support I receive from posAbilities helps propel me forward. Finally, knowing that I am a part of an organization that makes a difference in people’s lives by contributing to their happiness, well-being, and physical and mental health inspires me. I’ve learned so much in my four years at posAbilities it’s almost impossible to capture it all. My experience has been nothing short of wonderful and I am so excited to see where the next stop on this fast-moving train is!

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