At posAbilities, the individuals on our team help make the great work we do possible! Each team member contributes their unique skill sets, backgrounds, knowledge, and of course has a story to tell.

Meet Day Support Worker, Ron Walberg!

I’ve been with posAbilities for over 30 years and I’ve done just about everything! I’ve held many roles but I’m back to working on the front line. I much prefer it as I really enjoy working with the people we support. I never expected to go into this line of work, but it just felt right and I’ve been doing it ever since.

While I work as a Day Support Worker, I took on the temporary role of Neighborhood Organizer this past year during the pandemic. We had to explore different ways to find and build meaningful connections with people. During that time, I worked with my neighbours, other agencies, anyone directly in my community to collaborate on a variety of new initiatives. One cool project that we’ve been working on is “Neighbour to Go”. You take a guided tour from someone else’s perspective and you get to experience it through their eyes. It’s been an interesting process and we’re starting to see some really positive feedback. It’s great that we’re continuing that work because you don’t realize how much people miss and need those face-to-face connections. It’s been a challenge trying to facilitate that during the pandemic.

I like that there’s always different opportunities available at posAbilities as I like to try something new every so often. But I love being a Day Support Worker so I can work directly with the folks we support. The schedule works for my life right now as I’ve got a busy household with six kids (plus three cats, one dog, two rabbits….the list goes on!) so I greatly appreciate the hours and flexibility to accommodate my lifestyle.

In this line of work, you develop close relationships with the people we support and you really want the best for them. There’s times where I’ve felt like we could have done better or more, often due to financial reasons – that’s always tough for me. But one of the most rewarding aspects of this role is when you get to see someone grow or experience something new. We’re always pushing those boundaries so they get a chance to live the life they want to live.

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