Contributed by Gabriela Torres, Special Projects Worker, & Monica Alves, Communications & Event Planning Intern

It may already be January, but the holiday buzz has yet to die down here at posAbilities! When it comes to spreading holiday cheer, we believe it’s never too late. Have you ever heard of Christmas in July? It’s a real celebration in Australia and many other countries in the southern hemisphere! There’s even a film and song about it.

With that said, holiday cheer spread far and wide at the Trillium House’s annual Christmas party. The Trillium House is a group residence on the North Shore that typically supports seniors. This year however, a few positive and unexpected changes were noticed in the home. Something, or rather, someone, sparked a new energy amongst both residents and staff. This new and exciting personality was a valuable addition to the group dynamic because it helped everyone get into the holiday spirit in a fun, positive, and inclusive way.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Fernando Coelho, was happy to partake in the posAbilities tradition of attending Christmas parties launched by many of our programs. He believes that attending festivities such as these, is important to continue providing a wide range of support to the individuals who are a part of our organization. The Trillium House Christmas party was the perfect opportunity for everyone to gather and connect during a special time of year. Not only did current team members participate, but a few retirees attended as well. This was a true reflection of how closely connected members of the Trillium House team are.

With a room full of party goers, the Trillium House carried out an inclusive approach to party design. All attendees were enthusiastic about engaging in the entertainment and unique games to the best of their ability. Some of the games included eating yogurt with your hands tied behind your back, unrolling rolls of streamers by frantically waving your arms and hands around in the air, a

Christmas carol identification game, and even a lunch bag relay race. With so many fun games to play, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Aside from the multitude of festivities, something that really stood out this year was the energy brought forward by Trillium House’s newest member. Gus is much younger than the seniors who currently reside in the home. In our typical roommate matching process, this 25-year-old, lively individual would not be considered an ideal resident at Trillium. However, since moving in, he has brought a new level of excitement, energy, and positivity to staff and residents. Gus has undoubtedly added a new light to the environment surrounding those who live and work at Trillium House, allowing the other residents, Tony, Stan, and Norma, to take on a mentorship role.

Fernando describes his character as, “one that brims with lots of possibilities and hopes. [Gus is] a remarkable young individual who I think can build on his abilities and live independently one day.”

The holidays are a common time to bring about peace and goodwill, as many people may feel isolated or alone at this time of the year. Through these parties, we continue to celebrate the work of our teams reinforcing our vision of creating inclusive communities that enrich lives. A big thank you to all of our teams who hosted holiday parties this season, and a special shout out to Trillium House for bringing in the new year with a bang!


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