Contributed by: Matthew Rachmat

The Social Media Fellowship has begun its next content venture, a podcast! The podcast, titled “What’s in the Hat?” introduces fellows to new audio-visual platforms where they can showcase more of their skills and personality in a longer format. With their podcast now available on Spotify and YouTube, fellows are experimenting with creative storytelling in a new way and are eager to continue this trend as they introduce special guests in their next upcoming season.

In creating this podcast, Social Media Lead Hannah and Videographer/Coach Matthew wanted to make sure the focus was about fun content, not only disability. Therefore, this podcast is centered around the segment by the same name as the show itself, “What’s in the hat?”. Fellows pull questions based on the episode theme, such as Friendship, Personal Growth, and Dreams and explain what these topics mean to them (with many laughs along the way). In addition, we include a question segment called Jenna on the Spot, which features our remote fellow, Jenna, who resides in Victoria.

Be sure to check this podcast out through the link and share! If you or someone you know would like to learn more about the Social Media Fellowship, please contact Hannah through