To reduce the spread of COVID-19, we are limiting the number of people coming together. Gatherings like Knitting Club and other activities are cancelled until further notice. 

Virtual Events

Keep your social life active with chats, classes and digital cafés from CoMakeDo!

Children draw along with an artist on screen

CoMakeDo is a new platform that brings together KudozReal Talk, and Meraki, along with experiences to connect neurodiverse folks with self, community, and the wider world. These live events take place online using YouTube, Facebook, and Zoom, and over the phone, for those without Internet access. All of the experiences are designed to be doable and safe, and honour physical distancing.

You can: learn to cook something new, try a fun craft or DIY project, get moving with a dance class or kickboxing lesson, and connect with your community through new events each week!

Visit to check out the weekly calendar and sign up for email updates.

CoMakeDo is a shared resource developed in partnership between posAbilities, BACIKinsight, and InWithForward.

More Virtual Things to Do

Looking for experiences you can explore at any time? Dive into our blog post below for a tour of virtual experiences from across Canada and around the world.

Exercise Your Creativity and Curiosity with These Virtual Experiences

For even more things you can experience online, like virtual museum tours, concerts, and livestreamed events, check out our COVID-19 Resources page.