Getting Comfortable with Conversations about Dating and Sex – It’s Real Talk!

While dating can be challenging and awkward for everyone, a recent article published on CBC brings light to the difficulties of dating for people with Asperger’s and Autism. We also talk about Real Talk, a sexual health initiative for people living with cognitive disabilities, their supporters, caregivers and staff.

Aging and Autism

A new report from the Aging and Autism Think Tank says the vast majority of research and programming geared toward autism focuses on children, leaving adults almost entirely out of the conversation. See below for the article from Global News. Click here to read the full Summary Report on Aging and Autism. Thank you to parent, Talie B, from Autism 30 for sharing resources like these from the Autism community. Originally published on Global News – Increased resources, support...

Behaviour consultants use family and child-centered approach to facilitate inclusion

With several factors impacting and influencing a child’s challenging behaviours, our Clinical Director of Laurel Behaviour Support Services shares how Laurel supports the family in addressing their child’s needs.

Shared Living Looking Forward

At posAbilities, we understand the value of compatibility and treat every Shared Living arrangement with care. This is why the success of other residential services around the world continues to inspire the work we do! An added and often unexpected benefit of home sharing? The lifelong companionship that may come along with it.

A look into Mara’s Shared Living Life

Shared Living Provider and WMCA Woman of Distinction award nominee, Mara St. Onge, opens up about the challenging yet rewarding experience of welcoming two women with disabilities into her home.